Tuesday, October 23, 2012


After a load of planning and an increased effort to find people, we finally got 20 lessons this week! I don't know how it happened, it just seemed like the Lord is blessing us in ways that I couldn't even foresee.

So first experience: Stake conference was this week, and it was a multi-stake broadcast from Salt Lake City. (58 stakes from Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado) Elder Nelson of the Twelve presided there. He spoke on how we need to take care of our bodies and avoid pornography like the plague, and Elder Tad R. Callister of the Seventy spoke about how our prayers need to be more earnest and to specifically pray on our knees. But I actually got a lot of enlightenment from the Sister who spoke. I forgot her name but she is the second counselor in the young women's presidency. She highlighted the connection of things that have changed for the youth in the last decade in preparation for the revelation to lower the missionary age. She pointed out that the youth had and are being prepared for the change in missionary age with the strength of youth, the duty to God, and other youth programs. The Young men's and Young Women's presidency had no idea that these standards were in preparation for this revelation, but now the purposes of the Lord have become more clear. God truly is hastening the work.   This last week really showed me that.  God really did lead us to the people that were home.

Also another experience connected with Stake Conference: The morning of Stake Conference we still had not arranged for a ride to go there, but out of the blue an investigator named Elijah (this super awesome guy who met with missionaries in North Dakota) gave us a call and asked where church was. We told him about stake conference and felt inspired to ask him for a ride. He accepted and took us to and from stake conference. He told us how God had blessed him in all the aspects of his life and told us that he wanted to be a part of a church, and that he admired our church for how we endorse clean living. So hopefully we will be seeing a baptism in the near future.

Andrew is doing well, he and his family are working hard. So yes we are starting to see the work pick up in the area after the long drought of nothing.

Elder Bringhurst



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