Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Conference Weekend

October 9, 2012
Well, conference is over and I'm a little sad about that.  We set up like 3 appointments to watch conference with less actives and they all cancelled,  so we just watched conference at home via the internet that the Stuznegger's lent us.
It truly was a great conference. If you noticed, Elder Bednar's talk was about the difference between a testimony and conversion. That's exactly what he talked to us about here in Colorado. It seems to me that the General Authorities have a really good idea of what they want to talk about long before they give the talks. Elder Holland's talk was an almost word for word reiteration of a talk he gave the MTC in 2010. Also it was interesting that both Elder Holland and Elder Hales talked about how the Lord asks us to leave everything and follow him. When they talked about this I thought that is exactly what missionaries ask investigators: To give up everything and follow Him.
My personal favorite was Elder Nelson's "ask the missionaries" talk. Mostly because I learned from what was not said. I learned from all the instances mentioned where you need to "ask the missionaries" that we, as missionaries need to be prepared to help them. The brethren expect us missionaries to help people a lot more than I thought. Overall it was good.
The area still struggles and the trials continue (and add on top of that freezing weather on a bike), but I learned sometimes God asks us to push against a rock that won't move, but he just wants to see if we will push it anyway despite the fact it remains stationary. All in all, God moves the work forward, and we just need to be willing to be there when He needs us.

Elder Bringhurst



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