Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Another Transfer Begins

September 24, 2012

So yup got a new companion. He is the District Leader here, but he has been out on his mission only 8 months. When I first heard he was coming I thought "wow he must be an awesome missionary if they are making me junior companion to him."  His name is Elder Jennings. He's from Las Vegas Nevada, but unfortunately, he says he wants to go home and hates the area so far. It kind of weighs on me.

At first I was really angry because I was junior companion to someone who is a younger missionary and new to the area and has a hard time obeying some of the rules. But after some praying the thought came to me. "You are not here for you, you are here for the Lord." It made me realize that I need to stop putting myself in the whole process, but to simply focus on the work. True, members tend to admire missionaries based on their leadership positions and by the number of conversion stories they have, but I realized the Lord looks at it differently. None of the baptisms, reactivation, or anything else done here is a measurement of MY capacity, but rather a reflection of the great and wonderful things that the Lord allows missionaries to be a part of. Admiring a missionary for his baptisms and leadership positions is like admiring a sculptor’s chisel rather than the sculptor himself. I realized we are all on the same team here, and it doesn't matter where I fall in on the team, because we are all tools in the shed. Let God use His tools however He wishes.

In other news, the family of about 6 investigators, ALL came to church yesterday. 9 people filed into church. (Less active mother, nonmember father/boyfriend, 6 kids, and a friend one of the kids brought with them) It was such a massive entrance into the chapel that the entire ward seemed to be turning heads to see what had filled the back seats up. They stayed all three hours and the father came to Elder's quorum just as the Elders Quorum was being reorganized, so he got to witness the passing of the keys to the Elder's Quorum President and feel the great spirit of brotherhood at that meeting. It was so cool to see his face as he saw everything. He loved it and everyone was friendly. Hope to see a baptism in the future!

We did get a new Ward mission leader this week. Bro Johnston is his name. He is really excited and seems up to the task. Well that's all for this week!

Elder Bringhurst

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