Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Elder Bednar

Before I go on I have transfer news. Elder Kaze is getting transferred tomorrow and I am getting a new companion. It should be fun.

So the highlight of this week has to do with Elder Bednar and Elder Halstrom of the Presidency of the Seventy coming to our mission to speak. It was a combined mission conference, and it was probably one of the most revelatory experiences of my life. Elder Bednar didn't come prepared with anything. He had only his scriptures. He's a lot shorter than me, but it was cool that we all got to shake his hand.

Anyway, he had the coolest way of teaching. First of all, he said he wanted to teach us to understand the concept of "agents to act, rather than “objects to be acted upon." It’s the gift that God gave us, and he wanted to emulate that. He gave us some talks about faith and acting upon it to study while we prepared for the conference, and the first half was us telling him certain things we learned. Often when someone shared what they learned, he asked, "may I ask you a question?" and then he asked them to expound upon what they learned. The idea of this whole thing was to teach us how to teach with the Holy Ghost being the true teacher. He told us we need to take ourselves out of the mindset that we teach people. Our job is to invite them to learn by the power of the Holy Ghost. It was AMAZING.

One of my favorite things he said was when the brother of Jared saw the finger of the Lord, he pointed out that the Lord touched the stones "one by one with his finger." He asked us why the Lord simply didn't snap his fingers to light all sixteen stones. He told us that there were many reasons, one that the Lord usually works in one's (the ninety and nine sheep and the one, the woman at the well, Jesus and Nicodemus), and that is how missionary work is patterned. Second, he told us he didn't believe that the brother of Jared saw the finger after the first stone was lit, but after seeing the evidence of his faith "one by one" he saw the finger. He told us to imagine our investigators as the stones - that everything does not come at once, but as we exercise our faith.  One by one we will see the Lord’s hand in everything. It was such an amazing conference.

Well the time is ticking down but I am super excited for missionary work!

Elder Bringhurst

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