Tuesday, September 4, 2012

God Works in Mysterious Ways

So a short story to explain the subject. We were trying to street contact some people (it was a slow day) this week and some kids around 10-12 years old (one of them smoking a cigarette, definitely up to no good) walked passed us and were kind of eying our bikes. We continued to try talking to some people down the street and Elder Kaze looks back and sees the kids messing with our bikes and then they start walking off. We decide to see if we can see where they go so we slowly walk back to our bikes to see what they stole. Sure enough they had stolen my bike seat. So we go into the apartments to find them, and through an insane course of events that I can’t believe to this day, we find where these kids live and their names.

One of the kid’s mom was looking for a job and asked if we could help, and we directed her to the church's employment efforts in the stake. We asked if we could share our message with her sometime and she accepted! So we found a potential person to share our lessons with, and when we went to the bikes, apparently the kids saw us talking with their mom because they had put the bike seat right next to the bikes. Strange how we found a new person to teach :) So funny, but great story of the week. We plan on seeing her today so hopefully that yields something good.

Don't know what else to say here. Our days continue to be slow, with only 8 lessons this week. I have a slight worry that president might shut down the area or combine it with another one in hopes that by shutting it down for a time and reopening it things might pick up. Just so everyone knows in advance transfers are on September 18th :)

Elder Bringhurst

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