Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sorry About the Late Letter

August 28, 2012

We had zone conference yesterday and Elder Lynn G. Robbins of the Seventy came and spoke to us so P day is today instead of yesterday. Wow, it’s been a roller coaster this week.

I was in McDonalds and the TV said that Lance Armstrong has lost all of his stuff with the tour de France. I told Elder Kaze that most likely every single athlete in that race was probably doping because if you didn't you wouldn't have the energy to keep up with those who were. I thought it was interesting that he lost everything just because he was caught. Makes me wonder, we live in a world where people follow the status quo. If everyone is cheating you might as well cheat because you can't keep up with everyone else unless you do. It made me start thinking, and I came across this verse in Mosiah 2 that said (paraphrasing) for us to consider on the blessed and happy state of those that keep the commandments of God. I learned if we do what is right in our life, God will compensate for what we might have lost. Lance may have lost the Tour De France if he didn't dope, but I'm sure God would have helped compensate his loss.

There are so many who don't serve missions because they feel that they will miss out on a huge opportunity, like professional sports, becoming a movie star, or a onetime offer that would stop you from serving a mission. I think I understand a little better what Thomas S. Monson said when he told us "serving a mission is a priesthood duty and an obligation." It didn't seem like there is much room for exceptions there.

This reminds me of the guy who was a number one draft pick for the New Zealand all blacks rugby team, but decided to serve a mission. Everyone thought he was throwing everything away, but he served and came back to become one of the greatest rugby players of all time. I learned that God will always compensate, even if it doesn't come in the form that you want or expect, and I will teach my kids that there is no exception to serving a mission. "Every able young man should prepare to serve a mission."

If anyone is curious to what Elder Lynn G Robbins taught us about, he talked about how to receive revelation from the scriptures. He also said that service will open people's hearts more than anything else. He told us that planning the day is super important, and the way Lehi and his family got the compass (liahona) to work is exactly the same as how we should plan our days. (see Alma 37, I also noticed that our missionary daily planner has a compass on the front). It was wonderful. Missionary work is kind of the same, slow, but going. I found out I'm biking approximately 105 miles a week. My jeans that I brought with me don’t fit anymore. I just hope my pants still fit after a while. Ha ha. Well that’s all I have for the week. Catch everyone later!

Elder Bringhurst

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