Thursday, August 23, 2012

Another Week

This week I experienced the slowest week of my mission to date. We were only able to teach 7 lessons this time around. Turns out previous elders have been stretching the numbers here so when Elder Kaze and I reported the TRUE numbers suddenly it drops a ton. Our investigator pool is effectively 2 people. So I went from a thriving area to a really slow area. However, despite the challenge, I have found a new motivation within myself to resurrect the area and bring it up to speed and make the best of things while I am here.

Elder Kaze struggles with depression, so I spend a lot of time trying my best to motivate and inspire him. The biking is difficult, since I truly don't get any rest from it.  We bike all the days of the week including Sunday and Monday, so my legs never get the rest they need to repair from the week’s troubles.

I had a neat experience yesterday though. The Spanish Elders gave a referral to us for a guy named David. Now David is from Nepal, and he and his family have a Hindu background. He is not a practicing Hindu because he believes there should only be one God. So he is trying to find a religion that makes him comfortable. His English is not very strong, but it was so interesting teaching someone that is so foreign. I know next to nothing about Hinduism, so it makes it difficult for me to know where to go. So basically we are telling him the absolute basics. The nature of God, our relation to him, and understanding God desires our happiness. So it's interesting to teach him. Otherwise I truly don't have much to report.

School is starting soon so that might attribute to the fact that our success has been slow. Well for time restrictions I must close.

Elder Bringhurst

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