Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Farewell to Mountain View

August 6, 2012

Well after a good 7 months in the area they finally decided that I need to leave. It’s been good while I've been here but I have been called another way. I won't know where I'm going until tomorrow morning, the day I leave.

I had a truly amazing sacrament meeting yesterday. I bore my testimony thanking the ward for all of the things I had experienced while I was there. It brought tears to my eyes as so many people from the ward went out of their way to thank me for my service. But now a new chapter unfolds on my mission as I go to a new area. It should be fun to find out where I go.

We had a wonderful lesson this week. We got a referral from some other missionaries to go see this woman, and we went to contact her and found her to be a truly wonderful lady. She is not a member, but her husband was abusive in her marriage and her family had been looking for a church ever since he left. All of her kids are grown up and out of the house, but her oldest daughter ran into the church and was baptized not even a year ago. She went to her daughter's baptism and felt the church was true and had been waiting for missionaries to show up at her door ever since. Then we show up and she has a great desire to be baptized. It was really a good experience.

Well not much else to report this week. We had a great week and found 4 new investigators to teach. So this area is doing well and I hope Elder Schwegler can take it from here. I started packing today and my oh my it feels like it's been forever since I've done it. Super glad for the space bags! Take care and I'll report next week from my new area!

Elder Bringhurst

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