Friday, October 18, 2013

Moving deeper into October

October 7, 2013

So it’s been another week here in the Grand Junction 4th ward.  The weather has turned a little chillier, as we've already had one night that reached below freezing.  Brrrrrr!  But it’s been pretty mild during the day.

Well conference was a great experience.  We went to the stake center to watch them all.  Besides the wonderful talks that were given, what I also noticed was the Tabernacle Choir's pieces were unusually good.  I really enjoyed the different arrangement of the songs.  They also did a really good job sort of correlating the choir pieces with the conference talks.  Overall conference was great.  

One talk that spoke to me was Edward Dube, that African seventy.  He told of how he did a lot of work in his farm and tried to tell his mother to look back and see all of the work they had finished, and she responded by simply saying something along the lines of, "Edward, we still have more to do."  I thought about my mission, how I am 23 months out, almost done, and am having the tendency to "look back" at all that I had done.  But the fact is, I still have one month left, and I cannot afford to look back now.  It really encouraged me to square my shoulders and finish up strong.

Not much on the missionary front.   The area is struggling profusely with missionary work and I don't have a lot of reference points to work with.  So we are really starting from the ground up.  Hope it starts up soon!

Thank you all for your support.

Elder Bringhurst

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