Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Leaving Again

September 23, 2013
Well we got transfer calls on Saturday and it looks like I will be leaving to a new area for the last 6 weeks of my mission.  Elder Southworth will be staying here to train a new missionary. No new missionary has been trained here for as long as anyone can remember, which means that the area is turning around for the better :)  When the ward heard I was leaving, I've never gotten so many people come up to me and personally thank me for my service. We truly got the area moving forward.  The branch president told us that he has never seen two missionaries so full of the spirit.  I was touched.  
We both spoke in sacrament meeting yesterday and it was wonderful.  I spoke on the 13th article of faith and connected it to the story of Nehemiah building the wall.  I said the article was a standard of living for the church, and we all had to build our spiritual "walls" around these teachings.  All of the other block meetings alluded to my talk that day.  I never would have dreamed of the impact that I could have on an area in such a short time.  
Also, those two investigators, Cole and Nikki, the family that our branch president held on to for 7 years, both came to church yesterday with their whole family and stayed all 3 hours! They are so close to baptism!  I can't even stand it.  It's too bad I will be leaving.  So next week I will be emailing from another area for the last stretch of my mission!
Elder Bringhurst
ADMINISTRATOR NOTE:  These pictures came with a letter Brandon wrote to his dad.  Here is an excerpt: "I sent you guys some pictures of the hike we went on today with a member named Brother Mortenson.  He took us up this pretty road about two hours from Naturita.  Some place called Lone Cone mountain.  It was really snowy up there because we just had this massive rainstorm not too long ago and the mountain are nice and snow capped.  The snow was so wet and heavy it was perfect for throwing snowballs.  So while we were up there we also built a snowman.  There are leaves and rocks for his face.  It was quite a miracle we got the midsection on there... It probably weighed about a ton!  There's even a stick on there made to look like a pipe.  Haha. It was great.

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