Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Back in Junction

September 30, 2013

For my 7th and final area, I will be in the Grand Junction 4th ward.  Last transfer it was combined with the 8th ward, so the work is progressing slowly....What else is new? Haha.  My companion is Elder Stantley, big large redheaded kid from San Jose California.  His family is pretty wealthy (he owned a BMW back home) and has only been out 5 months.  Lots of less actives, we do have a car.  No investigators. (seriously)  but hey once again, this situation isn't new to me. 

I will be here until I leave on Monday, November 4th, for Denver to begin preparation to go back home that Wednesday morning.  Not much else to report, we had a slow week, just getting to know the various people we teach.  Love you all and I will have something more next week!
Elder Bringhurst


  1. Hi Elder Bringhurst! My son, Alex Garner, is serving in Grand Junction. He hasn't been out long. Tell him "hi" from his family in Las Vegas. We miss him. Best of luck in your last area.
    Warm regards,
    Cheri Garner

  2. I'll pass your note on to Brandon! (He doesn't look at the blog.) Isn't being a missionary mom the best! I hope your son is having a wonderful experience. There are some great people who live in Grand Junction who really take care of our missionaries!