Monday, November 26, 2012

In sickness and in health

November 19, 2012

Well, this week went by pretty slowly since Elder Jennings caught the flu on Friday and was sick all weekend. It was really hard just staying indoors for the whole day on Saturday. Hopefully I don’t get sick!

Anywho, I'm going through the strangest phase on my mission. I still feel like I haven't been out that long, and yet I just got a letter in the mail from President Maynes congratulating me on reaching my year mark. It's also a strange idea to realize I have done all the firsts. Now I'm moving on to the seconds. Second Thanksgiving, Second Christmas. Second everything. It's an odd feeling. I'm also a little nervous because I hear the second half passes a lot quicker. But enough of my daydreaming.

It was sad to hear of Janet Rife's passing. I hope my heartfelt condolences will reach that wonderful family. It's times like these that we truly understand how much we need the truths of the gospel in our lives. In my mission I constantly see those who do not have those basic truths to hold on to in times of sorrow. Just last Friday we taught a lady that had seen so much evil in her line of work that she could not accept the idea that we are children of God. Satan wishes to put hate, doubt, and misunderstanding in our hearts so we have a hard time accepting the simple truths of the gospel. For those who do not have this truth, I can only invite them to find the truth through sincere prayer, scripture study, and even fasting. But how wonderful for those who know the truth of the gospel! We do not have to "wander to and fro from sea to sea" looking for the truth. We have it and this fills us with hope. I suppose that's why Alma called it faith. It’s also wonderful to know that that God and Jesus know our pain, and they can know what we feel. One of my favorite verses in the entire Gospels consists of only two words. "Jesus wept." Even though he knew Lazarus would rise again, he could understand and even felt the pain of loss. We, too, will all rise again. In time.

The work is going on pretty good here. Hopefully we will see the work pick back up again after Thanksgiving. But it still should be a great experience to say the least. Thanks everyone so much for all the support!

Elder Bringhurst


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