Monday, November 12, 2012

This Might Interest You

November 5, 2012

So we had transfers this week and President Maynes made an interesting announcement. I noticed that many districts, zones, and areas were being drastically changed, and he got up and said that this in preparation of the wave of missionaries that are supposed to be coming to the mission field due to the age change of missionaries. Salt Lake has estimated that the number of missionaries that will be in the mission field 6 months from now will go from about 50,000 missionaries to over 90,000!!! Every mission will be affected. Currently, our mission has about 160 missionaries in the mission. Six months from now we are expected to have about 250. So wards will be split, and the areas will be much smaller (and probably a lot higher chance of biking on the mission).

President Maynes told us to "have faith that God is in it, and God will make sure the work picks up in every area to suit the needs of the number of missionaries serving." So some incredible estimates are just around the corner.

The work is definitely picking up, and although we only had 14 lessons, we finally have someone progressing well. Michael, husband of a less active member, is starting to come to church and Elder Jennings and I are thinking about putting him on a baptismal date this week! Pray that it goes well! Also we talked to one of our investigator families about the prophets and the priesthood. We challenged the nonmember father to one day hold the priesthood so he could bless his family just as Jesus blessed others. He said he felt humbled and the "prospect seemed exciting." So yes we are finally getting some really good experiences with teaching people.

The ward is also helping so much. This ward is the most enthusiastic about missionary work than any other ward I've served in. So I’m excited to finally see some work pick up here.

The election is absolutely nuts. I'll try and take some pictures of all the signs tomorrow. Its funny how like every other house goes "Romney, Obama, Romney, Obama, Romney etc." The members I live with seem to think Obama is the most likely winner, but we'll see tomorrow.

Elder Bringhurst

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