Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Another week at the CDSM

This letter may not be as long as my other letters.  I sure do love to say a lot of things sometimes. But I'm sending pictures this week and I'm kind of technologically inept at these things so I don't have all the time in the world to write letters today.

This is Chris on his baptism day
My first companions when I got to Denver
Snowshoeing on P-Day
This week was really a great week.  Well, kind of . . .  Elder Croft has a medication that requires him to stay at home after we eat dinner with some people, so our lesson count has gone down. But we still managed to pull in about 15 lessons. We started teaching that meth addict I told you about a couple months ago. He seems like he's in a pickle. But he actually has turned out to be quite a nice guy. We were also able to do some service this week for a member, and he was so appreciative of it he took us out to Burger King for dinner!

Speaking of dinners, this ward must have missed feeding us, because now every night is completely filled clear to the second week of May. It's really awesome how much the ward is helping. The lady we were teaching with brain cancer kind of took a step backwards.  She basically told us it was getting to be too hard and that she didn't want to do this anymore. But we helped her out and she is still meeting with us. If only she would just come to church . . .

But we do have someone with a possible baptismal date! She is a nice lady named Lisa who really is just a fun person. She has met with a lot of missionaries, but she told us that she feels that the church is true and that she wants to get baptized. Her boyfriend/fianc√© is in California and he is also a member, so she wants to become a member as well. She has been smoke free now for almost 2 weeks after being a heavy smoker for 26 years. Wow. She wants to get baptized on May 26th, but her boyfriend is moving back this Saturday and they will be living in the same house as an unmarried couple so we might have to wait until AFTER she gets married on June 6th.  Oh well.  President Maynes will know what to do.

The work is progressing here and I'm super excited for some baptisms coming up in the near future.

Elder Bringhurst

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