Monday, April 23, 2012

The Convert Vs the Life Member: The Musical!!

Haha!  So I have to explain the subject line. Elder Croft and I were talking about the Book of Mormon Musical that won the best Musical award last year on Broadway. We thought it was kind of sad that they devoted an entire musical to making fun of what we do. So we said, "We need to show them what real humor is." Thus began The Convert Vs. the Life Member: The Musical! This is a story of a missionary who has been a member for life who pairs up with a convert as his missionary companion. It's really funny. Some of the songs we invented are "The worst part of serving with a convert/member for life is...", "I don't get these primary songs." and "I wish I was better, but he needs to be like me." All of these are duets.

Anyway, on a more serious note, the mission focus has changed recently. President Maynes this last zone leader conference (zone leaders only) told everyone that we are no longer focusing on lesson count as the main priority of our key indicators (a.k.a., the number of lessons, referrals, etc.) He is changing the main priority to new investigators. This is good news for us because Elder Croft and I are pretty good at finding new people to teach. We consistently find new people to teach and it’s pretty awesome. The reason is because we try to find new investigators from our current investigators. Think about it: investigators hang around friends all the time, and it opens up a lot of questions for us. Anyway, it’s pretty good that the focus has changed, because I feel we are both pretty good at it.

We had 3 investigators come to church this week! A new record! Ha ha! One was a lady that just got engaged to a member who lives in California. She is really awesome and wants to get baptized next month. The other was that university student who always talked about women's rights in the church. She agreed to feed us and we are finally making progress with her.   We changed the purpose of our visits from school project to a search for the truth. She is going through a rough time and we asked her to pray if Jesus Christ really is her Savior. It's helping. The third was the wife of a less active member.  It really was a great week.

Also, remember that lady who had part of her brain removed? We taught her the Word of Wisdom for the first time and she literally threw away all of her coffee, tea, and pot (marijuana). That's commitment. She has since relapsed a bit and is really struggling but now the ward is involved and the Relief Society President decided to actually send visiting teachers to her pretty soon. We are helping her find a testimony of the gospel and this will most definitely end in a baptism sometime in the future. So lots of things are happening in the ward and many things are starting to happen. Every night for the rest of the month is completely booked.

So the ward loves us, the work is moving forward, and Elder Croft and I are getting along incredibly well. Thanks for the support and prayers, we need them!

Elder Bringhurst 

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