Monday, April 9, 2012


Okay first things first. Transfers: It was a long night for everyone because transfer calls were on Saturday, but this Saturday happened to be priesthood session. So transfer calls didn't start until like 8:15. So we get a call and my predictions were correct. Elder George is leaving and I'm taking over the area. Craziness all around! Elder George is packing and I finally will be able to have a clean apartment! Haha!  I'm just really nervous because now I have to plan the days out and I am the constant with both our investigators and the ward. I will probably stay here for maybe 2 transfers.

Mom I did get your Easter package and grandma sent me an Easter package. We haven't been able to hide the stuff and because Elder George is leaving.  We agreed to do a little Easter egg hunt with my new companion.

I got to watch all of the sessions of conference. We watched it with a different person each time, mostly less active members of the ward. Wow it was a great conference. I really liked President Monson's talk on Eternal Truths. It’s amazing that all he did was quote scripture, lay out the plan of salvation, and reaffirm his testimony that the plan of salvation is true. It was a powerful talk to say the least. But it really strengthened my testimony that what I teach my investigators here is really an eternal truth. My favorite quote from conference was from Russell M. Nelson concerning the big bang theory. "Now tell me, if an explosion happened in a printing shop, would it produce a dictionary?" It made me think yeah that’s true, God had to be governing the creation of the universe.

One funny story:  We found a less active lady and she was just drunk as a Russian sailor. She invited us in and we cautiously came in. Come to find out she only went less active because she is confused (yeah I'm sure booze will boost your understanding). Of all the questions she had, she wanted to know God's name. We just told her that we refer to God as our Father and He is the Father of our spirits, so we address Him as such. Then she started crying, "but He has to have a name, He has to have a name." like tears. This is how drunk she was. So we finally just told her his name. Yup she stopped crying and we have a return appointment. Great. She also had a boyfriend there, and he was, in a word, Baptist. He insisted on saying the closing prayer and he just said the funniest prayer I ever heard. I was trying my best not to laugh. It was funny.

The Zone leaders told us that President Maynes is really happy about our area and expects great things. Well, next week you will find out my next companion. Thanks so much for all you guys do and for your prayers. I need them J

Elder Bringhurst

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