Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Subject is Missionary Work

Well I'm glad you got all those pictures. It probably took forever for them to be sent. I maxed out each email so I could get some pictures home. I know I probably should have taken more pictures, but I hope that everything works out. I will do better with the picture thing in the mission.

Sigh, we had kind of a slow week. We moved the Jones' family.  We also did some painting for a nonmember guy. We were just swinging by to visit (me and elder George had seen him before and we talked about the gospel with him some weeks prior) and he said he couldn't talk because he was about to paint the house. So we asked if we could help. He accepted and we painted his basement for about an hour. It was really good. He asked a bunch of questions about the Mormon’s and about what we do. It really was a good day for us. Otherwise the week was really slow.

Elder Croft runs constant errands for medicine, food, etc. Plus because he is leaving in 6 months he has applied for a credit card to establish credit while on his mission so he can come back and buy a car, and yeah, about a quarter of each of our days is his "errands." Plus we have to turn in early. Oh well. We get along well. There really aren't any other highlights this week.

Chris has come back into town. He was in Phoenix for about a month taking care of his dying cousin. So we are really glad he is back and we are in contact with him. He's getting married pretty soon. But let me tell a quick story about how converted he is. When he came back he had no where to stay because his mother had kicked him out. So his girlfriend offered to have him stay just ONE night at her place until he found the money to stay in a motel, but he refused.  He told us that the temptations would be too much and he would rather sleep on the streets than go against his religion. His family has been very unsupportive to his conversion, and he told us that he doesn't even care. How cool is that! It’s really cool to be in ward council and having 10 to 15 minute conversations about the temporal welfare of a guy we ran into. We truly brought him into the fold. The ward really cares about him.

Well we are chugging along here in Colorado and the work is progressing. Have an awesome week.

Elder Bringhurst

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