Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Oh, What Crazy Stories

Okay so I have some incredibly funny stories to tell you guys about on Mother's day.  It doesn't do them justice just writing them down. But I can tell you one cool story.

We were having a rough week. It was incredibly long and trying for both of us. We were trying to get lessons, and we couldn't get anything. But yesterday, Sunday, we kept our hopes up and wanted to finish up the week strong. So Elder Croft suggests that we go see Elaine, that brain cancer lady. It was a weird suggestion, seeing that we had met up with her just two days prior.

She lives in a government funded place and Elaine's neighbors are always outside.  All of the neighbor kids just love us and they always come running up and ask us to play with them whenever we come over. So their parents are quite familiar with us, but for some reason we have been prompted not to talk to them quite yet. But yesterday, a large group of these young single mothers of mixed nationalities were outside when we went to see Elaine. The kids, as usual, start talking to us and asking us kid type questions ("Are you guys Jewish?"... No we are not Jewish).  One of the parents yells, "Hey! Get over here, I have a question." We look at each other.  We think we know where this is going.  She is going to pull out some doctrine of our church and start bashing.  So we walk over there and say we will be glad to answer her question. Turns out all she wanted to know was the difference between us and the Jehovah's Witnesses. (She was a Jehovah's Witness herself growing up) We just said we believe God sends modern prophets for our day and that we believe in the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Then all of them start asking questions. Turns out, they all are looking for a church for their kids to go to, and they want to know how to feel God's presence more in their lives. "Well that's why we do what we do", we tell them. So we managed to get 5 new investigators out of that.
So it was really a cool week. We were number one in the mission for new investigators this week, a total of 7 (5 for Sunday, one of them we got by helping an investigator move in and their father was there and wanted to learn more, and the other was a guy named Jacob, who was a friend of Chris's and basically walked up and said he wanted to go to church). So despite a low number of lessons (14), we got an incredible 7 new investigators. Wow.

Can't wait to call you, which will be on 2:30 on Sunday.   I'll call you guys so be ready J. Can you believe that this will be the second of only 4 phone calls for the whole mission? Crazy. I love the picture of Kimberly. I couldn't believe it.  And I had to stare at the picture from The 12 Dancing Princesses for a second to realize it was Shannon because She looks so different! Dah! Life as a missionary...

Elder Bringhurst

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