Monday, December 10, 2012

News of the Times

Well I have gotten my news for transfers and I'm being transferred to a new area L I don't know where I'm going but once I learn my address I'll send a letter as soon as I get there.

I'm pretty sad that I'm leaving. We had made some amazing progress with all of our investigators and brought a couple less active families closer to activity than ever before. The area really is taking off, and it's sad that I will miss the harvest.

Many people were sad that I was leaving, but I was able to deliver the Christmas presents that mom sent to me to pretty much everyone. Many were glad to receive those gifts. One ward member, Sister Dreksel, said that she had never been given a gift by a missionary in the ward. It was really sweet. The bishop told me that I give the most powerful spiritual thoughts of any missionary he's ever seen. It’s great to hear all of these compliments and know that so many people in the ward did appreciate my service there. But I am sad that I am leaving. It was a wonderful experience to say the least.

We had the ward Christmas party last Saturday and we were able to get a lot of people to attend there. It was a very successful event. I will let you all know where I am and whatever news I can share with you. Merry Christmas.

Elder Bringhurst

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