Wednesday, June 6, 2012

And yet more news!

So first piece of business:  Elder Gallardo is gone. There was a switch up in the mission with some people and we were included, so I got a new companion on Saturday. The reason for the switch up was we had an elder who has some back and knee problems that made it hard for him to ride bikes constantly in his area. So they moved him here for the benefit of the car. His name is Elder Schwegler. He’s a good soul, and he has only been out 4 months, so I'm still senior companion. He's from Cincinnati, Ohio and his family joined the church when he was 3. He's a good guy and wants to work hard but apparently his back pain is so bad that he might actually have to go home.   President Maynes told me he put Elder Schwegler here because he thought I was the best missionary who could be sensitive to his medical needs.

I seem to be the “constant” in the ward. This is now my 4th companion in the area and the ward is having a hard time keeping track, but they all know me. We were sad to see the Coleman's leave. We saw them for the last time on Sunday, and they turned over all the people they were teaching to us, so at least we got some more less active's to teach.

In other news, Lisa's baptism is on the 9th, just so we are clear. We are all excited and hopefully it will be a spiritual experience. I was super sick this week. I came down with a cold unlike anything I've ever had, with a headache and allergy like symptoms plus a bit of a fever. It was no fun. We had to stay home last Wednesday because of it. The symptoms are still around but they aren't as bad.

I'm not sure if I told you about another family we are teaching, but they are a part member family, and the wife is an excommunicated member and the husband is an investigator. They are so wonderful to teach.  We teach them every Saturday and they come to church faithfully each week. The husband said last time that he admires how much the members believe what they believe. It was a good discussion.

Well that's the news for me and hopefully the week goes well for everyone out there

Elder Bringhurst

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