Sunday, June 24, 2012


(Written June 11)

Hello family! It’s been an eventful week this week. So Lisa was baptized yesterday! Yay! But guess what. The ward mission leader of our ward did not show up for the baptism... So we had no one to conduct the meeting while I was there and there were  no programs! (By the way I'm not supposed to do the programs, but it still made me look bad). Luckily Bishop Stamps was there and I asked him to emergency conduct the meeting. We also had a total lack of pianist there, so I practiced "Come Follow Me" and "I Am A Child of God" on the piano for 2 hours before the baptism so I could play the piano. So I accompanied the baptism (I messed up a couple of times but I hope it wasn't that bad), and performed it.  I was so embarrassed too because the Mission President and a bunch of other people showed up for the baptism. It was PACKED.

I did pull it off though. It was so sweet to see Lisa come down into the water with tears in her eyes. After the baptism, she just started crying. I was the only one who saw it because the doors were closed. So it was a neat experience. Lisa enjoyed it and the testimony meeting was very powerful. I hope she was able to have a neat experience.

After the baptism was over, the Bishopric came up to me looking menacing, and asked why the ward mission leader wasn’t there?  They didn't blame me at all, but I can't imagine how badly he feels.  Turns out he just forgot. He felt really, really bad.

So after the baptism was over the district leader asked me to play for THEIR baptism about an hour later. They had "I am a Child of God (good thing I practiced that one...) and "When I am Baptized." (To my discovery and relief it was an incredibly easy song to play so I learned and played that one as well.) So I got to play the piano for 2 baptisms on Saturday, and I also performed one ordinance. At this rate I might come home and get to be called as the pianist for priesthood or something.

In other news we've been teaching this lady named Amber.  I can't remember if I told you about her, but she grew up as a Jehovah's Witness and has been looking for a good church for her and her little kids. We have been making some progress and hopefully we can get her to come to church next Sunday!!! YAY. So more promising prospects are coming up and the Lord is blessing us.

Elder Schwegler's back is still pretty bad, and he's afraid he might have to get surgery. By the way Elder Schwegler does know Keith and his brother, and thought it was funny that he married my sister and me and him are companions in Denver. It is truly a small world huh? Well that's all I've got so far. Have an awesome week!

Elder Bringhurst

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