Sunday, June 24, 2012

Not Much News This Week

(Written June 19, 2012)

So as the subject line indicates, it's quite literally another missionary week. We've been seeing mostly just the people we usually see. It's obviously exciting, but I learned this week that President must have quite a lot of trust in me to be able to keep me here. This area is notorious for all the drugs and "special" people that are in the area. I'd say about a quarter of our ward is under the same category that my people were at Chrysalis.

Our ward mission leader was actually in the army for 4 years and was in an elite group and he's kind of funny because of that. I'd say that the number one thing that is hard about the area is the moving. So many people just don't stay put. Everyone moves after a year of staying here. So if anyone is wondering, that's what contributes to the hardships I have here.

Anyway, Lisa is doing really well. She's super happy about being baptized, and we are all excited for her. This week we also had a lot of heat. Yesterday we topped 97 degrees. The car was cooking, and several people we visit don't have air conditioning, so it was bad. But the time went on and we were able to teach many people.

We did have one cool experience this week. We have been going to see a Catholic guy named Dominique, and he is super awesome. Yesterday we asked him what he gets out of our visits, and he said that the first day we showed up, he was going to court to settle custody of his kids, and it gave him hope when we showed up, taught him a little bit about the restoration, and said a prayer with him. He said that got him through the whole ordeal and that's why he has had us over ever since. It's a testimony to me that those little opening and closing prayers we have can effect so many people in little ways like that. We never know when a prayer could help someone out.

Well that's all I have for the week.  I'm super excited to be an uncle!

Elder Bringhurst

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