Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One Baptism!

First off let me say yes mom I remembered my camera at Chris's baptism and took a picture with him. But before I go on, Elder George and I will continue to serve together for another transfer, so six more weeks here J Send stuff please! J

The baptism was a nightmare getting ready for, because the time we told the ward he was getting baptized someone had already scheduled the building for the WHOLE DAY.  So we pulled some strings and finally got it all sorted out for Saturday at 2:00. It was kind of sad to see only about a dozen people show up for him, but then I kind of realized that he had never been to a baptism before so he didn't know the USUAL attendance for convert baptisms. But it was a great experience.  When he came out of the water he got this big smile on his face and just said "wow." He was bubbly and happy as always and the next day he asked me to confirm him a member of the church. It was kind of scary, considering PRESIDENT MAYNES showed up for our church services. The spirit helped me a lot though.

Speaking of blessings, I had a pretty neat experience blessing somebody this week. First off I am usually pretty nervous giving blessings to people because I don't know the first thing to say, so my blessings are pretty simple. But this time was different.  The spirit was just feeding things to me like I couldn't believe.   I'm convinced it truly was a blessing from our Father in Heaven.

Yeah, it was a good week. Chris is like a shining light in the people we teach, because otherwise people are just moving slowly. So this transfer might be pretty slow.

Thank you so much mom for sending me the letter about the priesthood! It helped so much. It helped a lot, but this woman we teach will slowly but surely grind to a halt. She thinks Jesus was a "good teacher" but doesn't believe the concept of sin. (moral relativity anyone??) She says anyone can be a Jesus.?????  She refuses to pray the way we ask her to. (She prays so strangely. She says she prays in the "affirmative." She tells God what she knows....doesn’t ask questions, nothing.) So after she's done asking US her questions we have to stop seeing her because she refuses to get answers from God.

Ahhh! Agency! My mission is teaching me so much about people and what they are able to do with their agency, and I'm learning about the phrase in D&C 4 that says the field is white already to harvest. We aren't out here to convince the green, tiny plants to get white, but to find and usher in those who are ready. It's why we make the decision to stop seeing people.  It’s when we decide they aren't white, but they need time to grow. We've given them all the rain and sunshine they need. They just need to take advantage of it.

I love you guys so much and keep sending me stuff. Thank you so much I love you all!

Elder Bringhurst

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