Monday, February 13, 2012

Another week - Woot!

So interesting fact before I start. President's day is on Monday, so all of the libraries will be closed. So I won't be able to email until the next day, and that day is transfers. So a lot could unfold this coming week.
Well we've been having some trouble getting a hold the 18 year old I told you about. His parents are VERY against the church, and unfortunately they don't want us in the house. So we are trying to arrange another place in which we can meet him. It's kind of been a bit of a fiasco.  He has cancelled like 4 times on us already, and unless this works out soon we'll have to drop him as an investigator. It's sad but we have to able to meet with him and so far he hasn't lived up to it. It's sad to see but we are just going to keep on pushing to meet him.

Chris has finalized his baptism for this Saturday at 5 o clock. He asked Elder George to baptize him. So it will be fun and he will be confirmed on Sunday.

In other news I have a funny story. We got a referral from the big campaign going on here in Denver.  Come to find out this referral was a self referral and she wanted us to come over because she was studying to be an "interfaith minister".  She wanted to talk to an "empowered member of the church." She was EXTREMELY excited to talk to us, so I like freaked out when we showed up at her door. She is 28 years old and single. And from our conversation, I will describe her with one word - liberal.  We taught her the first lesson on the first visit, and she was extremely receptive. It was a great visit. She wanted us to come back the next day. We were going to teach the plan of salvation, but then she started asking questions about the church’s stand on gay marriage, abortion, transvestites, why women can't have the priesthood, etc. We tried to explain that by nature men and women have different roles, but we all enjoy the same blessings from the priesthood. We gave her the family proclamation, but she still accused the church of having this "equal but separate" philosophy on men and women. It was crazy! I just told her that a woman wanting the priesthood is like men wanting to have a baby. Fundamentally we have different roles. She is so nice, yet so liberal!

Well that's my report for the week. I love you all so much and keep sending me letters. I love getting mail!!!

Elder Bringhurst

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