Monday, April 29, 2013

Two Words: Potato Cannon

I had an interesting experience this week. We are teaching a self proclaimed "jack Mormon" named and he is an interesting guy. He connects really well with the people here in Grand Junction, so he is a great contact to have.

He has all of these cool toys, like he let me shoot this 80 pound crossbow that's about the size of a pistol (whoa), and he had some fun. Then he said "hey do you want to see my potato cannon?" (I was imagining like a PVC pipe with a funnel attached to it powered by an air compressor). "Sure" I said. I needed a drink inside so while I was getting a drink, unbeknownst to me, he was filling a large metal potato cannon with gas. I came outside, unaware he had already loaded it and said "whoa that's super cool, can I hold it?" He chuckles, "sure just hold it real straight." I don't know why I didn't catch he had loaded it so I said "why?"  He said "You'll see." He then strikes on a wielder and just as soon as I realize what's going on ---- BOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! The loudest noise I've ever heard literally pushes against me, followed by the most acute ringing in my left ear I'd ever heard. About 15 seconds after the blast the tennis ball that was inserted inside landed near the house.

That ringing didn't go away. My ear is still ringing as I write this letter and everything sounds like it’s underwater in my left ear (my right ear is okay thank goodness) This happened Saturday afternoon, so yup..still ringing. I'll add that to my list of stupid things I've done in my life haha. No my ear didn't bleed and most people I've talked to said it will go away in a couple days.

Another interesting experience. We were biking and someone's dog decided to dart in front of our bikes (super smart) causing us to slow for fear of running the dog over. Well the owner came over, a19 year old who announced he was high on drugs and was conversing with his friend. We started talking with him and then got to start talking to him and his friends. The conversation went really well and he actually handed out 2 books of Mormon and a pamphlet with our phone number. Haven't seen them since but hey, the whole need no physician right?

Can't think of any other things that happened this week, but we are still trying. I wish I could get at least 1 more baptism though.

Elder Bringhurst



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