Monday, April 8, 2013

Guess There's No Spring in Grand Junction!

April 1

This week was a lot different. Suddenly it was really warm. Even hot. I feel like we just skipped the transition phase and are going right on to summer weather. It's interesting though, when Elder Nielson and I finally got to go without sweaters, suddenly everyone recognized who we were. Biking down the streets yielded about 4 or 5 "hail Satan’s every time we went. Apparently the white shirts are extremely characteristic to missionaries.

We went to our main investigator’s house the other day and she told us that God told her she needs to be baptized. Wow that's neat. But she described about the strangest experience I've ever heard. Usually people tell us they had a good feeling in their heart or felt at peace or the like. But she related an experience where she had all of these strange sensations and she felt weak and feeble and even felt frightened at one point??? We are not quite sure how to respond to this one. It's great that she believes she needs to be baptized … because she does. but I really don't think all of her experiences came from the Holy Ghost. It sounds like we need to teach her how the holy ghost talks to everyone JI think what I'm going to do is tell her that the holy ghost has already told her several times that you need to be baptized, but he came as gentle promptings.

Yesterday she came to church and I asked her how it was and her eyes welled up with tears as she said "I'm home, I'm really home." Then she hugged me (there is no defense against this) and started crying harder. The ward isn't convinced of her change though. The Bishop and Relief Society president has said "This kind of thing happens all the time with her." I’m inclined to believe them, but I think she really is going to make a step this time. We also had a, single mother about 23 years old with 3 kids, come to church after nearly 2 years of absence from it. She had a blast. She definitely has a rough past, but how wonderful to finally get her to church. It took a LOT OF WORK. I told her basically to expect everything to fall apart about when she decides to come to church and decide to come to church anyway. Well everything did fall apart. She lost 100 dollars while buying dresses for her kids, and her job wanted her to work on Sunday. She turned down the hours on Sunday and came to church anyway. I hope Heavenly Father lets her know He's proud of her effort!

So it was a good Sunday Easter. We had dinner with the Relief society president and we had rolls and deviled eggs. I also got the package from Grandma with all of the Easter Stuff in it. Elder Nielson didn't want to hide mine and I hid his. He's only found 7 of the 14. I hid them really well. It will probably take the rest of the transfer for him to find them all. I also got the Easter basket from mom and I made the cookies in there. Yum! I've got a lot of Candy to eat now... I'm getting really fat, but I don't have a scale so I don't know how much I weigh. All I know is I'm pretty fat. Anyway that's my Easter letter. Having a blast in GJ!

Elder Bringhurst

PS Here is my funny picture for the week!

You know you are in Grand Junction when you can buy firearms and get a haircut in the same shop



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