Monday, April 29, 2013

Da News

April 22

It’s an interesting time here. This week we got this HUGE snowstorm, 5 inches at least everywhere. I don't know what all the peach farmers must have been thinking. It was nuts. It’s nice and warm now and all of the snow melted, but it was just crazy. It was funny because prior to that I was contemplating sending back my heavy winter gear back home so I would have less weight in my bags for transferring.

I'm coming up on 18 months here in a couple weeks. That's just scary. When I first was on my mission, someone who had been out for 18 months was considered "ancient" in my eyes. This is strange.

Anywho, in other news I had a good interview with president Maynes this week (every three months or so this happens) and he told me basically what is happening for transfers on May 21st so no surprise in store for this time. Let's see, I don't know what else to report except that we are doing well with the single mom who has three kids and hasn’t been to church in over 2 years. She came for the second time in 3 weeks yesterday, even if it was only in time for relief society. Her kids enjoyed it and it was a good experience. We are also teaching this super hilarious guy. He's about 4'11 and looks remarkably like the oompa loompa from the most recent Charlie and the chocolate factory. The he wears overalls and loves guns. I can't stop laughing when we teach him. He is a fun guy. Last time he told us he was heartbroken to see his favorite actor, Clint Eastwood, wobbling around like an old man when he remembers him as this big tough guy in the movies. You'd have to meet him to see how funny he is.

Well that's all I got this week. Hope everything is going great over there!

Elder Bringhurst



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