Tuesday, March 5, 2013

There and Back Again

Well, well, I'm writing from the lovely abode of Grand Junction Colorado once again! I have been transferred to the Grand Junction 10th ward, a tiny little area of about 2 1/2 miles wide and 2 miles tall. It’s actually quite lovely.

So I love it here. My companion is Elder Nielson, who has just finished his training and on his 3rd transfer of his mission. So he is pretty new but he is an awesome missionary. He is kind of a timid guy and agrees with just about everything you say, and it's awesome. The ward is great, but they don't feed us as much as previous wards. We live in probably the best apartment yet. It is a large garage that has been converted into a place to live. So it’s really clean and we even have our own washer and dryer! So that's pretty neat. It’s also warmer than it is in Denver. But I hope I stay! I loved this area from day 1. I've really connected with the people and I introduced myself on Sunday to the ward and they seem pretty happy to have me there. I cannot imagine a better situation I could be in!

Another cool thing is Elder Nielson and I set a personal mission record for number of lessons in one week for him. We got 26 lessons on week 1, 5 more than his previous record of 21. So that felt pretty good. I've also decided to try and take more pictures. I've decided to try and send one a week that's pretty funny. I'll caption them because Grand Junction gets pretty redneck! I hope I stay in this area for a while, because I love it. Can't wait to see miracles!

Elder Bringhurst

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