Monday, January 28, 2013


Juanuary 22, 2013

What a wonderful week. First off, Elder Fischer and I are staying together for one more transfer and because of complications with the fleet of new missionaries coming in, this next transfer will be 5 weeks from today instead of the regular week.

Okay miracle #1. We had to go to the mission office one day (by bike) because Elder Fischer had to drop off some suits. We go in the building for about 2 or 3 minutes and I come out to find my bike tire completely flat. I look for holes in the tube and it looks just fine, so I pump it up and we are on our way. About 15 minutes later we get to a stoplight where we are on the road waiting for it to turn green. It doesn't. Two more cycles go by and the light will not turn green to let us go much to the displeasure of the amassing cars at the light, and FINALLY it turns green. So we are going a little way forward down the hill and a guy with a long board in about his 20's waves at me and signals for me to come over. He said that he was not in a good position in his life and was drinking and smoking etc. and wanted to have religion in his life. So we look at each other and say we would be glad to help him on his quest. He said "you guys seem to be the only one's trying to spread God's word these days." So we plan on seeing him this Saturday. We looked through our area book and found out missionaries taught him 4 years ago but he disappeared. It was amazing but I could see the God had seriously delayed our journey so we could meet him. My tire is still fine to this day, there's nothing wrong with it. Someone must have just walked by and let the air out or something, but I can't explain the stoplight. If we were there 30 seconds before or after our paths wouldn't have met.

Miracle #2.  We set someone on date for baptism yesterday! We have a member dating a nonmember who grew up catholic and wanted to learn from the missionaries. We have been teaching her for a while but she really wanted to move slowly, but yesterday we talked about baptism and its purpose and read her D&C 20:37 which talks about the qualifications for baptism. She just got so excited and said "how soon can I get baptized?" So we set her on baptismal date for Feb 23. It was a wonderful experience.

Miracle #3 I learned from Elder Jennings today that one of our investigators is getting baptized on the 31st of this month. She married her boyfriend two weeks ago and is getting baptized. I hope I can go to that and get pictures. But it was nice knowing my efforts in Heather Ridge have not been in vain.

So there you have it. Wonderful things happening. I hope the miracles continue. Things are going well and its warming up so a little easier on the biking side. Thanks so much everyone for all that you do for me.

Elder Bringhurst



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