Tuesday, January 15, 2013

And I thought last week was cold!!!

Yesterday morning we woke up to a balmy -3 degrees F. This morning we woke up to a summery 2 degrees F. Needless to say...it’s cold and its also dangerous. I fell like 3 times on my bike yesterday (but luckily I had padding) So I was kind of an inching along on the bike rather than riding. I wrapped up every square inch of my body to prevent frostbite and the result was I look like an arctic ninja. I'll send a picture.

Everyone was extremely depressed on Sunday because the Broncos gave up a 35-28 lead in the 4th quarter to send them into double overtime and an interception turned into field goal for a loss (I got the whole rundown from our ward mission leader). It reminded me of the time when BYU almost put down Utah at Utah a few years ago but failed to make a short field goal. It was hilarious during the game because the only people on the road were elderly people in their cars. Everyone else was barricaded in their house. Nobody answered the door during that time. It was tough.

But it was a fun week. Not really much progress in the baptism department, but that's not really news. We weren't able to see a lot of people this week because everyone we knew was pretty much out of town. But it's the last week of the transfer this week and I hope we will be able to get something going. Hopefully it will warm up!
Elder Bringhurst

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