Monday, August 12, 2013

The Summer Continues

July 29, 2013

I have been doing something interesting for the last part of my mission.  I was thinking of ways that I could improve my ability to have more effective personal study (because 20 months into your mission, you can only read Preach my Gospel so many times.) So I bought a composition notebook and began a "study journal"  but it’s not a list of scriptures and zone conferences, they are essays.  I write based on what I observe and think about as a missionary.  They cover a variety of topics and I'm also using them to better improve my abhorring handwriting.  So I plan on writing at least 1 essay a day and by the time I'm done I'll have a large collection of essays.

 Anyway, so my birthday…  Well my birthday was kind of a bust on p -day and we didn't really do anything, so it was pretty bad.  But I guess the zone leaders felt bad so they planned a "surprise" birthday on Thursday.  They took the liberty of buying me a cake, a bunch of dollar store gifts (including a "fake" lottery ticket, they had me going there for a second, but then I read the fine print and they just started laughing at me)  and they also got me a gallon of milk... whole milk.  That just wasn't fair!  So I attempted the gallon challenge.  I was doing really well.  In 5 minutes I had drank half of the gallon.  But I was almost done,  only 4/5 of it remaining (I guess your body has a way of "measuring" the content in your stomach... a gallon of milk is approximately 8.6 pounds....) and well, I guess my body rejected it because I went from feeling fine to loosing it all!  Oh it was nasty; they even caught the whole thing on video!  It was really nasty ha ha.  It came out my nose and I couldn't get the smell of rotten milk out of my nose all day.  Ha ha it was a big laugh.  So yes I failed.  I drank it too fast.  I still had over a half hour remaining and I thought I could just finish it all up.  But I needed to take it slower.  Everyone says I could have done it no sweat if it was 1 or 2 percent milk.  But no... I did whole milk. It was a big laugh to say the least.

On the missionary front we had a great week.  We had 22 lessons and that is a lot more than we usually get, so things are going great there.  Nobody getting close yet, but we are working our hardest with the people that we have.  Thank you all for all of the fabulous birthday gifts!

Elder Bringhurst


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