Monday, July 9, 2012

Hot Hot Hot!

July 2, 2012
It's been really hot here. Our apartment A/C doesn't really combat three digit degree weather so we try to avoid going home for lunch. But we were able to get another A/C unit from a member and it's been a lot better. I’ll have to send you a few pictures of all the ridiculous things we missionaries do to stay cool. Ha ha!

Well one funny story:   We just got out of an appointment and we got into our car and this old guy knocks on our window holding a pizza box. He said, "Now I'm not interested in your religion because I'm Lutheran but I really respect what you guys do so please take a pizza and let's have old George Romney in for president.” So this random guy gave us a pizza just because he is a huge Romney supporter. Maybe someone needs to let him know that it's Mitt Romney. J  Oh well, as much as we try and disconnect missionary work and Romney's campaign, people still won't leave us alone about it. Ha ha!

We had another cool experience this week. We were looking for more people to teach and we looked through some former investigators we had. Three years ago some sister missionaries taught a lady named Esther but stopped meeting her because she "showed no interest." But we knocked on her door, she was glad to welcome us in, asked for a Book of Mormon and we met with her. As it turns out she remembered just about everything the sister's had told her and actually read the book quite a lot. She began reading again and is currently halfway through 1 Nephi. She loves the doctrine of the Plan of Salvation and even said the prayer! It was really a neat experience and it was great to finally start seeing some successful people.

Number two neat experience:  We had been meeting with a lady with some drug problems and she has been meeting with missionaries for some time. This week she came to church for the first time. She even went up to the pulpit and pointed at me and said "if it wasn't for this elder right here, I would not be here today, he stuck with me through all of my drugs and problems and I just want you to know that I know your church is the true church." Wow... that was cool. Next time we see her we plan on talking about baptism!

Well that's my report this week,  And have an awesome 4 of July!
Elder Bringhurst

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