Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Survived!!

Well I have officially survived my first transfer, and we had a knockout week despite Elder Houston not being here. So that boosted my confidence. Also big news, I'm being transferred! I don't know where yet but I'm going to a new area tomorrow. So yup, I will have two fathers (Elder Schoepfle and Elder Houston) going into my next 6 weeks. It’s SUPER rare that that happens so I'm going through a crazy training period.

"What a great picture.  This just made my Sunday.  Thanks!"
-- Sister Wells

To answer the question about the picture you received on your phone, that is a picture of me and Elder Schoepfle and the Bishop of our ward, Bishop Wells. They took a picture and asked me for your cell number so she could send the picture. So you got that picture from Sister Wells.  Ha ha that’s super fun that she sent it to you!

So anyway I’m packing today going to venture into the unknown. Wow the week has been crazy. One thing I learned about the Holy Ghost:  We were teaching this family. One guy is a member and his girlfriend is investigating. He was always super grouchy and just didn't care and was never paying attention - completely inactive. But we were teaching something out of the plan of Salvation and suddenly he just got excited and said "I really want to go to church!" He committed the whole family to read 10 minutes a day and he went to church for the first time in 3 or so months this last week. He even told us to go over there to wake him up so he could get ready.  We did, and he showed up. WOW. Guess the Holy Ghost touches people in ways that we never intended. We weren't asking him to go to church and BOOM. He wanted to go. That was a special experience. It was awesome.

Well I'm super tight on time so until next week from a new area!

Elder Bringhurst

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