Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Greetings from Edgewater Colorado

Alrighty - my first week of the transfer: (Sorry I didn't email yesterday but it was MLK day and libraries were closed)

My companions name is Elder George. He really wants to work and he really wants to be obedient. I got transferred to the "Mountain View" ward and I actually have the Denver Broncos Stadium in my area. That should give you an idea of where I am. But wow, it’s a crazy area. This area's probably more like Christopher’s mission areas.  We do at least 2 hours of tracting every day. So yeah, I get to meet all kinds of people.

We have a few investigators to teach, but last week we totaled 9 lessons, so this area is slow. The ward is sweet though. It’s like everyone has simple gospel knowledge because so many are converts. The Bishop is super young for a Bishop - maybe his mid 30's or so and the ward has about 80 active members.

I still feel like we can baptize in this area. Ha ha, we met this guy a few days ago and he said to come back today.  He said he couldn't talk then but he gave us a Wikipedia article about his church, the Uniformatism Unitary or something like that church. You believe and do what you want and the God you believe will save you. So it was funny. We'll see him next week. But yeah some people we teach could really get baptized! I’m excited for that!

Well this library is pretty strict on time as well so I will have to conclude my letter. Till next week!

Elder Bringhurst

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