Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's Christmas TIME!

Okay, I’m sure you are all wondering when to call me. Well here's the deallio. I will call you, and I think the best time to call will be at 1 o clock pm. on Christmas day. The phone call should be about 40 minutes so keep the line open :) If that time doesn't work send me a letter pronto, otherwise that’s when I will call (luckily I don't have to do a lot of time coordination seeing that we are both in the same time zone). I can't wait to talk to you guys :) It will be one of only 2 Christmases without you.

Some people have asked me if I'm really sad that I’m away from my family traditions for Christmas. I tell them that I am doing exactly what I want on Christmas. I’m doing what I do every day. I’m talking about Christ. Christ really is the reason for everything in this life.   He is the center of all that we are here on this earth for.  So am I sad that I am away from family?  No. I am talking to people about Christ.

We have prepared a wonderful Christmas message for all of our less-actives and investigators. I helped prepare it :) I am going to tell people about the Christmas story from 3 Nephi Chapter 1 verses 4-20. I will tell people a little about Samuel the Lamanite and how they threatened to kill the people if a sign didn't come, and then we will read verses 15-20 together. I will say that Christ wasn't an event for Jerusalem; it was an event for the whole world. Then we will talk about Christ's life and the Atonement. It will be such a powerful message. I’m so excited to share it.

I also learned something here on my mission. I learned that this mission has nothing to do with me. What I want and what I want to feel and do doesn't matter. I’m here for the people. I’m here for others. Just like Christ. He came for us. He died for us. His life had ups and downs, but it was all for us. That's what I’ve learned about Christmas. I’ve learned the true meaning of the "Joy of giving." It isn't just giving material things, it’s doing what I’m doing here -- giving to the people. Giving them love, kindness, and personal attention to their lives and their needs. That is what I believe my current struggles are trying to teach me.

I have one spiritual thought I want to share with everyone. There is an old Christmas classic called "A Year Without a Santa Claus." One of my favorite Christmas songs is on that movie. It's called "I Believe in Santa Claus" Now I want everyone to listen to the lyrics of that song, but replace the words "Santa Claus" with "Jesus Christ."

The Year Without a Santa Claus

Music: Maury Laws
Lyrics: Jules Bass

I believe in Santa Claus
Like I believe in love
I believe in Santa Claus
And everything he does
There's no question in my mind
That he does exist
Just like love I know he's there
Waiting to be missed

I believe in Santa Claus
But there was a time
I thought I had grown to old
For such a childish rhyme
He became a dream to me
Till one Christmas night
Someone stood beside my bed
With a beard of white
"So you're too old for Santa Claus"?
He said with a smile
Then you're too old for all the things
That make a life worthwhile
For what is happiness but dreams
and do they all come true
Look at me and tell me, son
What is real to you?

Just believe in Santa Claus
Like you believe in love
Just believe in Santa Claus
And everything he does
Wipe that question from your mind
Yes, he does exist!
Just like love you knows he's there
Waiting to be missed
Just like love I know he's there
Waiting to be missed

Christmas is my favorite time of year, and I’m so excited to be here and to be with the people here who need Christ in their lives. I am so excited to be here, and I am so thankful for this season. Thank you so much for all your love and support.


Elder Bringhurst

PS Grandpa sent me some BOMs in the mail and I am so happy J I’ve gotten presents from Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa Tanner and Kimberly and Keith. Thank you so much, they are all under my beautiful Christmas Tree!

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