Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Five Days Left in the MTC

Wow! So I have some big news to start with..... I leave for Denver Colorado at 7:30 AM from the Salt Lake Airport this Monday!!!!!! I only have 5 days left in the MTC!! My next email to you guys will be from Colorado in my mission field! I’m so excited and am so stoked to get there!

Yes, dear mother I am getting all your lovely packages and sharing them with Elder Mclaughlin. He loves those kisses from your "orange" boxes. Those packages really are awesome because it gives me all those night snacks before I brush my teeth:) I love them! Thank you so much for all the love:)

In other news I thought I'd tell you what it’s been like for me here at the MTC. First I have to get up at 6:15 because Elder Mclaughlin and I hate super short showers and waiting for the huge shower rush that happens at 6:30, so we get up early for that. Every day there is 6 hours of class time and one thing that was crazy about the MTC is how much I TEACH. I teach so much. I thought they were just going to tell me how to teach and then that would be it until I got there. NOPE. I get to teach all the time, one or two lessons a day.  I even have to teach "Luke" (played by my teachers Brother Maquey) later today after P day ends.  I’m not the best teacher and the MTC has shown me just how meager of a teacher I really am. I need the spirit to help me teach probably more than everyone else here.

I will be sending pictures sometime but I honestly don't know how I am supposed to do that. How did Christopher do it? I will do a tape thing like Christopher did and explain a little bit about all the pictures. I think I got pictures of everyone in the district plus my first pictures with my nametag on :) I think I may have the first English Elder Bringhurst name tag in a long long time. Probably since Grandpa and Grandma went to New Jersey. That’s pretty cool :) So help me with those pictures :)

I hope mom got my letter last week giving her a better reply to her sweet email :) I think letters are the best way to tell me stories that you want me to take the time to read because letters get to me fast here and I’m sure it will get to me fast in Denver. So send me letters.  I love hearing from you! It helps to have letters because it gives me time to write these emails because my 30 minutes on the computer goes by so fast.

Wow I really love how the Lord has blessed me with health. I woke up today with a HORRIBLE cold.   I thought I’d have to miss the Temple :( but I prayed this morning and now I feel really great (with the assistance of multivitamins and a boost of vitamin C) Thanks mom!

Well the buzzer is making me get off. See you next week from Denver!!!

Elder Bringhurst

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